Pet Stores USA Wholesale Pet Supplies and Drop Shipping

Home Based Pet Business

Wholesale Pet Supplies: PetStoresUSA has provided millions of dollars of dog supplies, cat supplies and other pet supplies to pet supply retailers across the country for over Fifty Years. We ship Pet Supplies from our warehouse to your store when you need them and for the price you need.

Drop Ship Pet Supplies: PetStoresUSA is the leading supplier of drop ship services to the pet industry. Our technology and our people ensure that your customer receives their product directly to their home or office. All orders ship within 24 hours, most ship that same day. We provide integrated drop ship solutions for pet product manufacturers, and drop ship services for pet supply retailers.

Retail Pet Supply Solutions: PetStoresUSA provides wholesale pet supplies directly to your store. If you need dog supplies, cat supplies, or other pet supplies, we have it. No matter how small or how large your dog supply, cat supply or pet supply needs are, we are there for you. We offer a great assortment of common pet supplies and the hard to find pet supplies. Need a booster bath, a heated dog bed, or even a cool dog bed, we have them. Need a bark collar or training collar, or a dog stroller or cat stroller, we have those too. Dog supply and cat supply are our specialty!

Pet Supply Manufacturer Solutions: We offer distribution solutions for your pet supplies. Our large and growing customer base is always looking for great dog, cat or other pet products. It does not matter if you are an established manufacturer offering main stream pet supplies or you offer unique pet supplies, PetStoresUSA can help. Our advanced technology and dedication to service has made us the choice for many Pet Supply Manufacturers and Pet Supply Retailers.

Web Site Builder: PetStoresUSA is the leading provider of pet related web sites in the country. With our proprietary software you can design your own web site, promote your pet store, reach more customers and earn more. It is simple to use. You do not need to know any programming languages or need a degree in computer science. Our proprietary software powers web sites for pet stores, dog trainers, cat sitters, pet boarding kennels, dog breeders and more.

Web Site Design: PetStoresUSA is a leader in web design services for the pet industry. For those who need more specific solutions and outstanding custom designed web sites we have the people, plus we know the industry, the products and can deliver a web site which meets and exceeds your needs. We offer our services not only to pet supply retailers, but also supply manufacturers. We know web design, we know ecommerce and most important we know pets, and the pet industry. If your current site needs a face lift or you simply need a first or new site, we can help.

Ecommerce: The fastest growing market channel is ecommerce. We offer solutions for everyone. If you love dogs, cats, pets of all kind but have no background in programming, design, ecommerce we have the solution. PetStoresUSA offers a fully loaded turn key ecommerce web site. Use this ecommerce solution with our web site builder or simply use it with your existing web site. When the customer orders pet supplies from you, we process the order and ship the order for you. This is a turnkey solution for pet supplies and pet profits. This turnkey solution is currently providing extra income for independent pet stores, chain pet stores, even dog trainers, veterinarians, dog and cat breeders and more, nationwide. This is a pet supply and ecommerce solution that works and can work for you. PetStoresUSA also offers advanced custom ecommerce solutions and packages for large and growing internet pet retailers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): PetStoresUSA has been providing SEO for pet manufacturers, pet distributors and pet retailers for over a decade. If your web site cannot be seen on the Internet by your potential customers you are not optimizing the potential of you site. We have a staff which has years of experience with a successful core focused on the pet industry. If you want to be seen on the Internet, call us!

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