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Wholesale Wireless Dog Fences

Pet Stores USA offers wholesale wireless fences, including wireless dog fences. Sources for wholesale wireless dog fences are diminishing as the pet industry continues to undergo consolidation. Pet Stores have fewer choices every year. Too often smaller pet stores are forced to pay higher prices and higher deliver fees, prices and fees which are not passed on to their larger competitors. Pet Stores USA offers an alternate source for wholesale wireless dog fences and wireless fences. Our wholesale wireless pet fences are name brand wireless fences, not low quality imports. We believe that to succeed in the pet industry you need to offer quality.

Wholesale Wireless Dog Fences
Wireless dog fences are another good way to confine a dog. Wireless fences are an outstanding choice for all home and dog owners. The best option especially for those who wanted to balance their lifestyle and budget while meeting their exact needs! So far, our wireless dog containment is the perfect choice and we guarantee that your neighbors will thank you for your own concern while giving your dog a healthier, happier and more disciplined lifestyle.

With the use of this wireless pet containment system, you can effortlessly contain your dog in a more safe and proper place. Your dogs will no longer enter your house especially when they are wet and dirty, no longer spread garbage since they won’t reach the trash can anymore, have a space limitation in your yard or garden particularly with your most treasured flowers and other plants and, of course, they will slowly learn how to watch their limitations.

There are lots of instances where an owner receives complaints from his neighbor due to his dog. And to avoid these cases, try to look for a way on how to strictly discipline your pet while still giving them their freedom. You don’t necessarily have to do harsh actions and you still have to consider that animals also need to be well-nurtured. In this case, the best thing to do is to purchase an outdoor wireless dog fence.

Our wireless dog containment system is actually a top seller and become one of the most favorite dog containment nowadays. This is due to the fact that all of our offered wireless dog fence products are so easy to install and provide a very reliable system. This is exactly what most customers are looking for which are especially made for their stubborn dogs. Before, we commonly build walls or fence around the yard and use it as a defense against your pets. As time goes by, we instantly develop modern products that provide the same useful features but also help in minimizing interference with the wide open spaces.

However, this very unique and modern wireless dog fence seems to be luxurious for other consumers. That’s why we have provided wireless dog fences that will not fit your needs but will also fit your budget. This is one way of providing outstanding products while giving the best in customer service. So come and purchase our wireless dog fence and other pet containment units that are sure to satisfy personal needs as well as zoning and esthetic requirements.

With us, you are confident to purchase a kind of wireless dog fence that is worth what you pay for. Do not be deceived by the look and prices of other competitors’ wireless dog fence products but do not actually provide the same quality and affordable price like what we offer. Just follow your senses and give your best choice when it comes to quality. With that, we are sure that you’ll end up with our products! You will not only reduce the risk by keeping your dogs in one place, but you will also give your pet a healthier and happy lifestyle.

Wholesale Wireless Fences
The NEW and improved wireless dog fence is a great instant fence that is easy to set-up and transport. The wireless dog fence installs in seconds and can be taken with you on camping trips and powered through your car's 12-volt outlet. The wireless fence collar has 6, adjustable levels of correction.

The wireless fence signal field is adjustable from a 15 to 90 foot radius from the transmitter (30 to 180 foot diameter). The shape of the signal is in a perfect circle and the shape cannot be altered. The range of the Instant Fence can be increased by using two or more transmitters. This creates multiple intersecting circles; two transmitters would create a boundary in a shape similar to the MasterCard™ logo, a figure 8. The signal is cancelled where the circles intersect, allowing the pet access to the entire area. The transmitters can be located a maximum of 150 feet apart and each transmitter must be out of the weather; they cannot get wet. An additional wireless fence transmitter would create a boundary that is up to 180 feet wide and up to 230 feet long.

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