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WiseWire is a new and revolutionary 20 AWG underground pet fence wire for containment systems developed with the help of a professional pet fence installer. The installer was using 14 AWG copper due to strength limitations of 20 AWG copper. He was supplied with a 14 AWG WiseWire which possesses twice the strength of copper. After 3 years of using this product in the field he will never use copper wire again because the mechanical performance of WiseWire is unmatched and costs less than copper.

WiseWire is equal to copper in signal performance for pet containment systems. It simply outperforms copper wire in strength, durability and ruggedness at a lower cost.

Features & Benefits:
  • 114 lbs breaking strength, 5X stronger than 20 AWG and equal to 14 AWG copper
  • 5 times stronger, 10% lighter, 75% cheaper than 14 ga copper wire
  • Equal to copper in signal performance for pet containment systems due to skin effect
  • Superior side impact strength and flex fatigue performance
  • Corrosion resistance of copper with the strength of steel
  • Costs less than 20 AWG copper wire with stable pricing
  • No theft value, unlike copper
  • Virgin HDPE/HMWPE insulation is superior to LLDPE in water blocking, tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • Weighs 10% less than 20 AWG copper, lowering freight costs

Available in 500 Foot 20 Gauge spools and 1000 Foot 20 Gauge spools.

Wire Construction

WiseWire is a heavy duty, extra high-strength, copper-clad steel wire. A high-carbon steel core is metallurgically bonded with oxygen-free copper. The bonding is uniform and continuous, creating a bimetallic conductor that acts as one and is corrosion resistant. This specifically engineered wire is unmatched in performance, strength and durability.

The insulation is a 20 mil, high-density, high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE/HMWPE) engineered to provide superior water blocking, as well as abrasion, impact and crush resistant properties against underground elements.
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